Signup for an account, request for an email verification code to complete the registration process. In case you do not receive the email containing the confirmation code, you may want to check your junk mail folder.

The next step is to upload your National ID/Passport in order to have your account upgraded and ready for business. The Account Upgrade request link is right at the top once you login to your account.

Withdrawing process

With an upgraded account, you can now transfer funds from your PayPal or Skrill account by clicking on the Deposit Money link and following the system prompts. For PayPal withdrawal services, you will be required to forward the PayPal receipt to support@epayswift.com. In case you wish to withdraw from your Skrill account, select the appropriate wallet as your deposit method and follow the system prompts to the end. Your deposit will thereafter reflect in your ePay account.

The final step is to withdraw money from your ePay account to your Mobile wallet (MTN or Airtel money) by clicking on the Withdraw Money link and following the system prompts. Payments are released between 5-6pm from Monday to Friday, 3-4pm on Saturdays. The business remains closed on Sundays and Kenyan Public holidays.

Uploading to Skrill or PayPal

Start by uploading funds to your ePay account from MTN/Airtel Money. Simply click on the Deposit Money link, select the MTN/Airtel option and follow the system prompts. Your transaction will be reflected as Pending until we confirm receipt of the Mobile Money. Once the transaction is completed, you may click on the Withdraw Money link, select either PayPal or Skrill as your preferred withdrawal method, provide details of the receiving account as prompted by the system. Leave the rest to us.

Important notes:

For freelancers working for reputable freelancing websites and are limited by lack of a PayPal account which can receive funds, ePay Swift has a solution for you at an extra surcharge. Simply click on this link and provide the requested information.

In order to avoid delays in your account upgrade, ensure that the phone number you use upon registration is registered by your Mobile Money service provider in your names.