What if I do not have a PayPal account and my employer or donor can only pay me via PayPal?
If you are interested in getting more information on how you can receive money via PayPal if you do not a PayPal account, click here, provide the requested information and we shall gladly get back to you.

How long does it take for me to receive my money once I have effected a withdrawal request?
Currently we are releasing payouts to Rwanda mobile wallets between 6 pm and 7pm from Monday to Friday and 3 pm - 4 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and during Kenyan public holidays.

What rate do you use to convert USD to RWF?
Exchange rates of the day are published on our site. Simply click on the fees link at the top of our website and you will have access to this information.

How do I determine how much money to expect on my phone once I initiate a withdrawal?
Simply visit the fees page, insert the amount you wish to withdraw in USD in the appropriate conversion calculator field and you will be able to determine the exact amount you will receive on your phone in RWF.

What is the procedure to withdraw from PayPal
1. Login to your account
2. Click on deposit funds link
3. Select PayPal and proceed on to the end as prompted by the system
4. Once you have completed the deposit procedure, forward the acknowledgement email you received from PayPal to support@epayuganda.com
5. Your account will be credited with the amount deposited (less our deposit commission)
6. Click on the withdraw link, select your preferred withdrawal method and proceed on as prompted by the system.
7. Payouts will be effected once a day between 6pm - 7pm from Monday to Friday and between 3pm - 4pm on Saturdays.

Is it mandatory to forward the PayPal acknowledgement email to support@epayswift.com?
Yes. Your account will only be credited after we receive this email

What is the procedure for withdrawing from Skrill?
1. Login to your account
2. Click on deposit funds link
3. Select Skrill and proceed on to the end as prompted by the system

Can I withdraw from a PayPal or Skrill account which is not in my name?
The answer is NO. We shall refund funds withdrawn from a third party account followed by a possible limitation of your ePay Swift account.

Which mobile networks do you remit funds to?
Currently we are supporting remittances to MTN mobile money.

Can I signup with a mobile number which is not registered in my name?
We do not allow the use of third party mobile numbers and if you attempt to use such a number, your account will not be upgraded, meaning you can not be allowed to initiate any transaction.