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Effective 1st July 2018, ePay Swift will start offering PayPal withdrawal services to Uganda . This follows a successful partnership agreement with an agency based in Uganda. It is now possible for PayPal users in Uganda to withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts straight into their preferred Mobile Money network (MTN or Airtel). The registration process and account upgrade processes have been simplified. Depositing money from PayPal to ePaySwift is now direct and user initiated. Upon account registration and subsequent email confirmation, you will qualify for a Basic Account. You can not initiate any transaction with a Basic Account. You will therefore be required to upload identification documents in order to have your account upgraded to Standard Account. With a Standard Account, you can initiate any transaction within the allowed limits for this type of account. Having had a smooth operation of your Standard Account for at least one month, you may apply for a Premium Account by uploading the requisite proof of address documents. A Premium Account entitles holders to higher transaction limits. Payouts will be effected between 6 pm to 7pm every day during our operating days safe for Saturdays when this will be done between 3 pm and 4 pm.

What else is new at ePay Swift? We now have a solution for merchants who would wish to get paid through ePay Swift services by introduction of ePay Swift API. Simply click on the API MANAGEMENT link from your account to generate your API code and for further integration instructions. We have a dedicated platform for Merchants where you can signup and apply for a Merchant account. 

We continue to be very vigilant on matters security. Your sensitive information is encrypted using a 256 bit SSL certificate. Funds from your account can only be withdrawn to the number you registered your account with initially. Our vigilant and dedicated team monitors all accounts for any suspicious or unusual activities 24/7.

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Timely payouts

Payout by end of every working day

Cheaper payment fees

We offer competitive transaction fees

Refund system

You can now refund money received from an ePay Swift user.

Secure & Reliable

Sensitive data is encrypted using a 256 bit SSL certificate.

instant Transaction

Funds transfer to an ePay Swift user is instant.

API Ready

Merchants can receive payments using the ePay Swift API

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We offer competitive transaction fees 

Access to your transaction statement(s)

Daily payouts

Request to be paid by an ePay Swift user

Mobile friendly platform

User friendly front end


Secure transactions

Api for merchants


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