How does your system work?
With a merchants account, simply login to your account, click on the Generate Buy Button link, customize your button, generate the buy button code and upload it in the appropriate page and position of your website or social media page.

Do I have to apply for the merchant account?
Yes you do. Simply click on the Upgrade to Merchant link right at the top of website while you a re logged in as a buyer. Provide the requested documents and your account will be reviewed within 24 hours on a working day.

Do I you charge a recurring gateway fee for the merchant account?
No we do not. Account signup and maintenance is free. We only charge a small fee at the point of funds withdrawal. Full schedule of the fee structure is published on the fees page.

Do you charge any fee to the buyers when they deposit money into their accounts?
Deposits are free of charge irrespective of the mode of deposit.

Can a registered user request for a payment from another registered user?
Yes, this is possible at a modest fee of 0.5%, payable by the sender. This feature only works when the sender and receiver are both registered on this platform.

What happens in case a dispute arises between a merchant and a buyer?
We encourage the two parties to try to resolve the matter amicably. We also encourage buyers to exercise due diligence on merchants before committing to pay for any products or services. ePay Swift does not take any responsibility for products or services not delivered or fails to meet the expectation of the buyer. In case of a stalemate between a buyer and a merchant, we will be happy to arbitrate. Contact our office via support@epayswift.com or reach us through our live chat tool during working hours.

Do you have geographical restrictions for users?
Merchants must be located within Kenya or Uganda whereas buyers can be located in any other part of the world.

Does the platform feature a refund option?
Yes, it does. In a single click, funds will be refunded to the sender by the receiver. This can happen in instances where the product or service has not been offered.

What about partial refunds?
Partial refunds can be effected through the request money function. In such a case, the buyer will request for the amount agreed with the merchant.

Can I use my account to withdraw funds from an online wallet?
No, this is forbidden. Any attempt to do this will result in the limitation of your account. Withdrawal services are only available for Uganda residents at https://epayswift.com/ug.