Key features

Welcome to the user manual for franchisees! This platform is designed to help you provide a simple and efficient way for your customers to withdraw their PayPal funds into their mobile money wallets. As the business owner, we will give you access to the admin panel of your Franchise from where you can have access to the following key features.



Upon logging into your account, you will be taken to the dashboard. This section provides a quick overview of key performance indicators including total users, total number of support tickets from your customers, and financial statistics. You can easily monitor your business progress using this section.



The Users section displays all users in a table. You can search for any user using email or phone number. In this section, you can also suspend or deactivate a user's account due to violation or request from the user. You can also add new users.



In the Transactions section, you can see all transactions, deposits, and withdrawals. You can also change the status of any transaction from pending to success or cancel. This section is vital for tracking transactions and ensuring a smooth business operation.



The Revenues section provides you with financial statistics. You can see the revenues derived from various transaction types including the total revenue for a given date range. This section helps you to understand your business performance and identify areas of growth.


Support Tickets

The support ticket section is an excellent tool to enhance communication between you and your customers. The customers are able to raise support tickets from their account should they require any assistance from you. You can also initiate a conversation with any of your customers in this section.


Activity Log

The Activity Log section shows you the IP addresses of your customers plus the browser/platform they are using whenever they login to their accounts. This feature is vital for security purposes and helps you to monitor any suspicious activities on your platform.



The KYC is achieved through the Verification feature. You must encourage your customers to upload both sides of their identification documents as part of KYC. You can either approve or disapprove the KYC request after carrying out due diligence.



We recommend that all franchisees adhere to the USD as the default currency. The transaction fees should be left as is. If you wish to change the deposit and withdraw fee, you will need to alert the admin in order to effect the new changes on the calculator. The admin is required to provide the credentials of the PayPal Business account to be used to receive funds.



In the Templates section, you can modify the system email and SMS messages. This feature helps you to customize the communication with your customers and personalize your business brand.



The Settings section provides you with various features to change many aspects of the website. You can enhance admin panel access security, add social media links, email and SMS settings, map database backup path, select preferences, and many more.

We hope this information gives you a general idea on the fundamental features of the system. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Monetization opportunities

  • Deposit commission
  • Withdrawal commission
  • Surcharge - receiving PayPal funds on behalf of your customers